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Post-Cancer Care Specialist

Remedi Health

Bioidentical Hormone Specialist & Functional Medicine located in Golden, CO

Many patients think they’ll just get on with their life as soon as cancer treatment ends. But at that crossroad, you need ongoing support to ensure your optimal recovery. Paul Battle, PA-C, at Remedi Health offers unique post-cancer care that includes your complete medical, nutritional, and emotional support. He also offers innovative treatments like low-dose naltrexone that boost your body’s immune system and relieve pain. If you have questions about post-cancer care, call one of the offices in Golden, Colorado to schedule a consultation.

Post-Cancer Care Q & A

What is post-cancer care?

When you reach the end of your cancer treatment, you’ll continue to have regular checkups to monitor your health and recovery. You’ll also need a plan to rehabilitate, nourish your body, regain your strength, and get back to your life.

The most important part of your post-cancer treatment is choosing a health professional who can help with every aspect of your care. Paul has the expertise to manage your medical care, and he’s passionate about promoting your nutritional and whole-body health.

What’s included in my post-cancer care?

You’ll work with Paul to develop a personalized post-cancer care plan. This plan defines how he will monitor your health, including when you should schedule routine physical examinations, ongoing medical tests, and diagnostic imaging if needed to monitor for potential cancer recurrence.

Your post-cancer care ensures you can get prompt attention for potential long-term and late side effects from your cancer treatment. Many patients aren’t prepared for side effects that linger after their treatment is done, but some long-term side effects don’t appear for months or years later.

Paul is available to let you know what signs and symptoms are red flags, to provide quick treatment, and to remind you about routine tests you may need to detect problems.

What health services are included in post-cancer care?

As a practitioner of functional medicine, Paul has expertise in diverse therapies that he customizes to meet your changing health needs. In addition to experience monitoring your physical health and prescribing medications, he brings you services such as:

Nutritional support

Your post-cancer care at Remedi Health includes dietary planning and nutritional supplements, which are essential for regaining your strength, maintaining a healthy weight, and giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal. Paul performs testing to determine intracellular levels of micronutrients, then prescribes what you need to restore deficiencies.

Low-dose naltrexone therapy

Paul specializes in low-dose naltrexone therapy, an innovative treatment that relieves pain and strengthens your immune system by triggering the release of endorphins.

Supportive therapies

He’s also available to offer solutions if you have trouble sleeping, struggle with chronic stress, or need help managing anxiety about physical changes and whether they’re a sign of recurring cancer.

You’re truly an active participant in your post-cancer care at Remedi Health. To schedule an appointment, please call our office.