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Remedi Health

Bioidentical Hormone Specialist & Functional Medicine located in Golden, CO

We offer a variety of conservative orthopedic evaluations and treatments. Shasta Van Sickle, PA-C has 15 years of orthopedic experience, both in the operating room and in the clinic. She is very comfortable and trained in reading her own x-rays and MRIs, discussing cellular treatments such as PRP, performing ultrasound guided joint injections, ordering and explaining spinal injections, and interpreting EMG results. We believe that surgery should be your last option for treatment. But, if all conservative options have been tried and failed, Shasta Van Sickle, PA-C and Paul Battle, PA-C also have several relationships with other surgical subspecialty clinics in the Denver Metro area if you do need to see a surgeon and consider your surgical options as well.  

We do not have xray or MRI imaging in house. We will send you to one of the imaging centers in the area including Touchstone Imaging, Invision Sally Jobe, Health Images where you can use your insurance. Another option for advanced imaging is SimonMed Imaging who is a cash pay option. 

We are still in relationship with other orthopedic subspecialitst in the area and can refer you to other providers for specialized testing and treatment such as spinal injections and EMGs. 

We will be offering Ultrasound guided injection options and PRP in our office in the future.