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Osteoporosis Specialist

Remedi Health

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It’s estimated that osteoporosis affects over 44 million Americans. Paul Battle, PA-C, at Remedi Health has extensive experience treating, managing, and preventing osteoporosis, a condition that increases your risk of fractures and increases your risk of injury and falls. Men and women face a higher risk of osteoporosis as they get older, but women are especially vulnerable in the years following menopause. For the highest standard of medical care, call one of the offices in Golden, Colorado.

Osteoporosis Q & A

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a health condition in which your bones are weak and brittle. The condition occurs over time, as you lose bone mass.

Although any bone can be affected, osteoporosis most commonly develops in your:

  • Hips
  • Spine
  • Wrists

What causes osteoporosis?

Throughout your lifetime, your bones eliminate old and damaged bone and replace it with new bone. As you age, the process of bone building slows down, resulting in bone breaking down more quickly than it regenerates. As a result, the bones naturally lose calcium, becoming weak and frail.

The weakened, porous bones of osteoporosis make you more likely to fall and get injured. It’s important to seek regular medical attention and care, and attempt to prevent falls by reducing clutter in your home and wearing comfortable, practical shoes.

Osteoporosis is more common in women than men. Experts attribute this to the hormonal changes that occur after menopause, which speed up the loss of bone mass. Women’s bones are also typically lighter and less dense.

What can I do to prevent osteoporosis?

There are many ways you can prevent osteoporosis, including:

Regular weight-bearing exercise

Weight-bearing exercise promotes stronger muscles. It can also help to disperse inflammation and improve your strength and endurance, making you stronger and less likely to fall and become injured.

Healthy balanced diet

Consuming a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is essential for strengthening your bones. Vitamin D is mainly obtained from the sun but can also be found in fatty fish. You should also avoid drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

Yoga and stretching exercises

Yoga and stretching can also improve your strength and endurance, release toxins and stress, and disperse inflammation.

What are the treatments for osteoporosis?

Paul provides an array of successful treatment options for osteoporosis, including effective medications, regular monitoring and lifestyle tips. Women should undergo bone density screening at menopause to determine their risk for osteoporosis and begin treatment if indicated.

If you would like quality preventive care to monitor your bone health, call Remedi Health.